Alternative Finance in Australia


Alternative Finance in Australia

Private investment, disruption, fintechs & crowdfunding

This paper looks at the current state of the Australian economy with regard to private company investment. It also highlights some of the future disruptive changes that are currently occurring in the financial services sector including both the introduction of alternative finance and the fintechs (financial technology). It will talk about the phenomenon of crowdfunding and what is happening in this sector around the world today.

Equitise and its partners together predict a significant shift in the way both equity and debt funding will occur in the short to mid-term in both the private company funding space and also the peer to peer lending space.

The purpose of this document is to educate key stakeholders whom we feel will be influenced by these changes. Equitise and its partners aim to discuss these changes in simple language and will elaborate on these findings with interested parties who wish to find out more about this very real form of digital disruption.

Alternative Finance in Australia

About Equitise

We enable Aussie ( and Kiwi ( startups to raise capital in an intuitive, simple and social way.

Bringing investors and entrepreneurs together, the Equitise crowdfunding platform simplifies the investment marketplace. It removes traditional barriers to investing and sourcing capital by making the process quick, easy and safe.

In doing so, we help businesses to grow and thrive. 

Equitise will be the first Australian platform to complete a crowdfunding campaign using retail and sophisticated investors (via New Zealand operation).


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