Private company issues and opportunities


Private company issues and opportunities

Global considerations for 2019

Many people think of disruption as something to avoid. But in today’s competitive business environment, disruption can be a real positive—if you are embracing it and capitalising on the opportunities it creates. Across the world, that’s the reality for many private companies. Explore the articles in this report to learn more.

The upside of disruption

Private company issues and opportunities: global considerations for 2019 dives into the key disruptors facing businesses today. Specialisists with extensive experience working with private companies from around the world assess how these key issues will impact private companies.

Globally topical issues around leveraging technology, improving infrastructure and expanding business horizons are considered through the private market lens. From each disruptor, we identify both the issues and opportunities uniquely available to private companies.

Discover how leading private companies have turned these challenges into competitive advantage and achieved business growth.

Private company issues and opportunities

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Published: January 2019

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