APPEA Conference 2017


APPEA Conference 2017

Energy in Transition

What can we expect from the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Conference and Exhibition this year? From energy in transition to the shape of things to come, this three day event brings together international experts and Australian industry leaders to shine a spotlight on the key issues facing the oil and gas industry. Connect with us on Twitter (#APPEA2017) for the latest updates and analysis.

Download the reports

A series of three reports have been created for APPEA 2017.

Committed to Change: Driving True Industry Collaboration by Mike Lynn

A survey of Australian oil and gas operators and suppliers was undertaken to uncover the major barriers to and opportunities for collaboration. The findings were benchmarked against similar surveys undertaken by the Deloitte UK and Deloitte Netherlands member firms. From the results across the three regions, a model for operator and supplier collaboration was put forward, using the four components of ecosystem collaboration:

  • Purpose
  • Platform
  • Participants
  • Performance 

Decommissioning: The Next Wave of Oil and Gas
by Bernadette Cullinane

The Australian oil and gas industry is nearly 100 years old and many assets are reaching the end of their producing life. The industry must develop strategies to address the looming challenge of offshore decommissioning, however we have limited experience in this field. In building up decommissioning expertise within the Australian oil and gas industry we must consider:

  • Impacts to marine ecosystems and personnel safety
  • A scientific evidence base on which to base decision-making
  • Workforce and equipment capability
  • Policy and regulation   

A Hive Mentality: Collaboration Lessons for Australian Oil and Gas
by Bernadette Cullinane

While Australia is positioned to become the world’s leader exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), the long-term sustainability of the Australian oil and gas industry faces a number of challenges. To overcome these challenges, the Australian industry must improve their collaboration efforts.

By exploring the behaviour of bees, we can learn valuable lessons about how to collaborate in the Australian oil and gas industry.

  • Bee lesson 1: Work for shared goals
  • Bee lesson 2: In partnerships, define clear roles
  • Bee lesson 3: Divide up tasks and create more efficient ways
  • Bee lesson 4: Learn from each other
  • Bee lesson 5: Build efficient ecosystems
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