LNG18 2016

Lessons learned from Australia’s record investment in LNG production

Australia has been the epicenter of LNG development for the last decade and is expected to remain a strong player in the industry.

The decade-long development of Australia’s globally significant liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry has presented a raft of success stories, issues and challenges that have tested the best local and global players.

The good, the bad and the ugly: the changing face of Australia’s LNG production features anonymised interviews with 10 Australian LNG leaders who provided candid insights into:

  • Successful practices to repeat
  • Practices that should be done differently
  • Practices the industry must never pursue again

According to the report, innovation and collaboration remain at the core of the sector’s success as Australia, with over AU$200 billion in new and existing projects, emerges as the world’s largest LNG exporting nation.

Register to receive a copy of the report to find out the views of those who have either been involved in managing these projects, or who have a broad industry view through their roles as consultants or advisors.

Lessons learned from Australia’s record investment in LNG production

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Australia has been the epicenter of LNG development for the last decade. What are the lessons from this great LNG construction boom, according to the industry leaders themselves? 

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