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Mergers & Acquisitions: The outlook in Australia

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Leading M&A is one of the most rewarding, yet demanding challenges in corporate Australia. We’ve created our new M&A Leadership series to support you on the journey.

From transformational mergers with synergies, acquiring new business models to become the disruptor or divestitures of businesses being disrupted, one thing’s for sure - there’s a lot happening in M&A.

As anyone involved in the M&A process will know, the cycle of work is difficult to predict in advance and expectations for value creation from deals are high, and getting higher. On top of this, add the challenges of political, global and economic instability, and the resulting uncertainty and lack of predictability of markets.

To better prepare you, our Australian M&A leaders, to deal with these mounting pressures, we have launched the M&A Leadership Series to give you the quality information and insights that you need.

Latest issue: How to maximise divestment success

Our 2017 Global Divestiture Survey captured feedback from over 120 organisations with revenues greater than US$500m. The findings show that there are two clear aspects to divestitures – there has been a significant increase in divestiture activity, but getting value from divestments is increasingly challenging. We found:

  • Divestment deal activity in 2018 remains robust despite uncertain market conditions, however, the difficulty level of achieving successful divestments is increasing 
  • When choosing a buyer, one third of respondents said speed and certainty to close is key
  • Over half of survey respondents said reshaping their portfolio to focus on the core business is their primary motivator for divesting assets
  • Fifty percent had a need for more in-depth and raw data sources.

Download the latest issue in our M&A leadership Series – Is it time for a break? How to maximise divestment success to explore the impact of the key findings and our perspective on what they mean for Australian M&A leaders. 

Is it time for a break? How to maximise divestment success

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More from our M&A Leadership Series

Issue 1: The future of the deal
Our first report, based on a survey of ASX M&A leaders, brings together tips on the key success factors in executing a transaction, advice on overcoming common challenges, market expectations, and insights from some of our foremost global and local M&A thinkers.

Download our first report – The future of the deal - to find out:

• The key M&A trends and triggers driving M&A activity

• How M&A is taking centre stage as a strategy for growth

• What does M&A activity mean for your future business

• How you can maximise the deal promise.

What’s happening in Australia M&A?
30 heads of M&A, across 6 sectors, from Australian ASX 100 companies shared their views and outlook. View the infographic below for a snapshot of what they told us:

The future of the deal

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