Parramatta Crane Survey 2017

Analysis of the Parramatta development market

Parramatta CBD has been evolving rapidly over the past five years and is currently being re-shaped by development across the city that will see it become the most exciting place to live and work in Western Sydney.

The inaugural Parramatta Crane Survey reveals an unprecedented level of construction in Parramatta, identifying 39 developments, comprising some 2,707 residential apartments and 92,000 square meters of office space currently under construction.

The volume of residential property developments under construction has slowed as a result of market constraints and policy setting by Government and banks. The resulting reduction in supply will support pricing in the short-term.

Developers are repurposing sites to meet an increased demand for high quality commercial real estate developments at a time of historically high infrastructure investment in Parramatta. 

Read the report to find out more on: 

  • Slowing residential development but moving towards a premium offering
  • Investment and development of Parramatta Square as a catalyst for new jobs in the city 
  • Commercial property becoming the hotspot for development in Parramatta 
  • Continued investment into infrastructure led by the Parramatta Light Rail project
  • The development of an emerging cultural precinct.

Published: December 2017

Parramatta Crane Survey 2017

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