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Black Ink®

Keeping your clients on track

Black Ink Ⓡ is a member network of professional (including legal), financial and advisory firms. As a member you will have access to Deloitte’s people and resources on array of topics; whether it is simply to get a second opinion or something outside of your field of expertise, allowing you to focus on your key strengths, core business and build stronger client relationships.

About Black Ink®

Black Ink Ⓡ membership enables you to access Deloitte professionals to help you provide your clients with comprehensive specialist service, regardless of your geographical location. Generally topics include, but not limited to:

  • Tax and superannuation
  • Business operational issues 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business advisory, restructuring,  change management 
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance/workers compensation, forensic services and corporate finance
  • Family business, transition and succession planning.

You will be exposed to date reference material, newsletters and case studies, including ATO alerts on tax and superannuation.

Black Ink Ⓡ also provides members with access to a network of expert resources which fall outside the core Deloitte offerings, allowing you to support your clients across the full range of business operational and accounting needs.

Ongoing seminars and training sessions on a wide variety of topics tailored to the needs of Black Ink Ⓡ members, will be offered through face to face seminar/workshops and or via online.  These may be adapted on request to suit a particular business category or group.

Black Ink Ⓡ membership is important to Deloitte; and is of significant value to its members.  We strive to provide excellent value and service.  Due to demand, we are currently expanding the range of services covered under Black Ink Ⓡ membership.

Membership to Black Ink Ⓡ is free and should you not believe you are obtaining real benefit, you can withdraw your membership and exit the network.

Black Ink®: Keeping your clients on track

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