Deloitte Australian Mortgage Report 2014


Deloitte Australian Mortgage Report 2014

The digital and data revolution

What's the right balance for Australia's $1.3 trillion mortgage market as the digital and data revolution challenges the industry?

The $1.3 trillion mortgage market in Australia is in the midst of a digital and data revolution. 

In this Deloitte report, a residential lending industry roundtable considers the driving forces of change over the next three years, as well as current trends in home loans and the Financial Systems Inquiry.

The roundtable, comprising representatives of Australia's major, non-major and non-bank lenders, together with the heads of mortgage broker groups, discusses the impact of the consumer-led digital revolution on mortgages, as well as the structural challenges which the Financial Systems Inquiry has the opportunity to address, including the nexus between mortgages and superannuation, the influence of funding and regulation on competition and innovation in the mortgage marketplace.

In addition Deloitte industry experts contribute insights across the five main topic areas of innovation, competition, technology and data, structural improvements and broker distribution.

Deloitte looks forward to discussing this research with you as we work together to leverage the opportunities in 2014.

The Australian Mortgage Report 2014: The digital & data revolution

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