The risk and regulatory outlook for 2016


Risk & Regulatory Outlook

January – July 2016

The risk and regulatory outlook for 2016 is very much shaped by both the reform agendas of the Australian Government and local regulators, ASIC and APRA, and globally the G20 and the Financial Stability Board.

In this edition of the Risk and Regulatory Outlook, Deloitte considers changes recommended by the Financial System Inquiry, the regulator’s focus on conduct risk and behavioural insights, responsible lending, best practice remediation, and risk culture and conduct.

We also focus on the Australian Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre that both monitors cyber threats and supports cyber security, vigilance and resilience. We also consider regulatory reform from a regional and global perspective in our article on the Asia Pacific State of Play and carry a timeline of key international and APAC regulatory events in the centre spread.

Our work with the World Economic Forum on innovation and what this means for the future of financial services is another exciting and emerging area and we include insights into distributed ledger technology – also known as Blockchain.

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The risk and regulatory outlook for 2016
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