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Shaping a liveable, diversified and connected Queensland

Queensland is shifting from a once in a lifetime resources construction boom towards a more diversified and knowledge based economy. However many Queenslanders – especially those in the regions – are grappling with how best to respond.

Deloitte Access Economics, together, with business, government and communities have come together to listen and help co-design an overarching approach to shape a future that will, over the next ten years, further unlock prosperity for all Queenslanders.

How can the Queensland of 2027 be more confident, liveable, diversified, and connected? To find out download FutureNow: Queensland in 2027.

FutureNow: Queensland in 2027
Presentation: Queensland's Economy

Prof. Ian Harper presented on the Queensland Economy at the Deloitte Queensland Gala on 5th October 2016.

Prof. Ian Harper on the Queensland Economy

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