Shaping Future Cities – Make it Adelaide


Shaping Future Cities – Make it Adelaide

Securing the future of South Australia is everyone’s responsibility

Since the mid-1980s, Adelaide and South Australia’s economy has trailed the rest of Australia. The manufacturing industry is now much less important and while the other big manufacturing state, Victoria, has found new high-powered engines of growth, Adelaide’s been stuck behind in third gear. 

This is a burning problem. And unless action is taken, it is likely to get worse.

Together, the government, private sector and community can turn this around. Our aspiration is to increase the number of people who choose to live in South Australia to 2 million by 2027

The time is right to link a plan for population growth to the acceleration of South Australia’s eight key sectors.  Adelaide’s advantages – including its liveability, cost effectiveness and access to the attributes that make our nation so attractive to the world – will further underpin South Australia’s transition to a growth economy.

Make it big Adelaide is the first in a series of reports. Deloitte is committed to working with industry, the community, and government to develop and deliver a set of practical solutions that help to strengthen the South Australian economy. We welcome your involvement, encourage you to join in the conversation, and look forward to working with you on this journey.

Interested in talking to us about the future of Adelaide and getting involved in the next stage of the journey? Let us know.

Shaping Future Cities – Make it Adelaide

Shaping Future Cities - Make it Adelaide
Make it Adelaide: the journey
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