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Organisation, Transformation & Talent

Businesses need new and practical insights to drive organisational change and people-related business transformation.

Businesses are transforming in many ways: mergers and acquisitions, new technologies, organisational restructuring, approaches to leadership and regulatory changes.

What do organisations need to keep pace? They need new and practical insights, based on data and analytics, to drive change and people-related business transformation. As human nature makes it difficult to speed up the way individuals adapt to change, organisations must transform how they manage change.

Deloitte’s Organisation and Change practice deals with the human factors that affect an organisation’s ability to make critical changes. We align people strategies with business strategies to help clients with mergers and restructurings, functional and sourcing transformations, and new risk and technology programs.

Our expertise covers critical areas such as change management, operational transformation, cultural change, HR due diligence and post-merger integration.

organisation transformation