Western Australian State Government Agency Amalgamations


Western Australian State Government Agency Amalgamations

Transforming organisations by design

Amalgamations, by their very nature, allow for the creation of an organisation model that drives collaboration and customer-centric service delivery, across multiple and complex agencies. It provides the opportunity to undertake a robust assessment of agency structures to reduce duplication and clarify priorities. Effective organisation design will include defining what is not being delivered as much as what will be delivered.

Our experience demonstrates that the structural change triggered by the agency amalgamations in Western Australia can and should remain centred on organisational values and care for the impact on staff, while balancing an assessment of government priorities in a time of fiscal challenges. The public sector must be financially sustainable, and with this comes strategic choices on the types of services delivered and the way in which they are delivered, based on creating public value and impact. It includes defining what is not being delivered as much as what will be delivered. 

Making informed choices will enable leaders to be decisive, analytical and committed to the future organisation structure. It shows an understanding that changing the structure does not necessarily mean that the same volume of work is done with less people. These choices set up the leaner organisation for a sustainable transformation.

Creating a contemporary organisation structure is the focus of this second part of Deloitte’s series on the people dimension of amalgamations. Implemented well, organisation design for the newly amalgamated agencies will improve performance, amplifying the alignment of the agency to its strategy and government objectives.

Western Australian State Government Agency Amalgamations:Transforming organisations by design
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