Keeping our bus drivers safe


Keeping our bus drivers safe

Deloitte Queensland bus driver safety review

Deloitte undertook a survey and review of how best to keep Queensland’s bus drivers safe. It explored the key drivers of violence, and identified some potential initiatives, including their costs, packages and funding. Deloitte also put forward a series of recommendations and potential next steps for both the bus drivers and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The research found that the five key triggers of violence towards drivers in Queensland are fares, alcohol & drugs, passenger attitude, delays, and student attitude. Given the violence risk varies, Deloitte recommends bus operators consider eight initiatives including barriers, CCTV, duress capability & radios, and training.

Also the survey undertaken showed that 63% of drivers felt violence increased in 2016 compared to earlier years. Proposed measures could cost up to $166.5m over 10 years if starting from scratch, but some operators had already begun.

Queensland Bus Driver Safety Review

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