Perspectives on the Paris Climate Change Conference COP21


Perspectives on the Paris Climate Change Conference COP21

Business implications for Australia

With the historic Paris Climate Agreement in place, 196 nations have now agreed to work together to curb increases in global average temperatures to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to reach zero net global greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the century – what does it mean for Australia?

The ink in the Paris Climate Agreement is barely dry, but attention has now turned to focussing on how these ambitious goals will be achieved. An important part of this equation will be the roles played by both the private and public sectors in translating these goals into reality. As it has been widely touted – the real work starts now.

With this Agreement as the backdrop, there are a number of key questions of particular relevance to the Australian business community which will need to be addressed over the coming weeks and months to provide the necessary clarity on the trajectory of Australia’s transition to a clean energy economy.

COP21 - Key Implications for business in Australia
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