45° - The Business of Safety™


45° - The Business of Safety™

A breakthrough approach to workplace safety

Deloitte has developed 45° - The Business of Safety™ – a problem-solving methodology that involves all levels of an organisation, from the C-suite to front-line workers.

Imagine the financial, emotional and productivity benefits to your business and employees if you could dramatically improve workplace health and safety.

We have come to realise that safety outcomes are often influenced by wider organisational issues, causing workplace health incidents and impacting overall efficiency and productivity.

We offer a breakthrough approach that helps organisations identify and resolve the business issues that put workers at risk. Rather than implementing generic safety-specific measures, Deloitte helps clients with a tailored and collaborative program to transform operations from within, engaging leaders and workers in significantly improving safety, and business.

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45° – The Business of SafetyTM uses qualitative and quantitative data analytics, multi-level workforce conversations and co-designed solutions to address the root – and often unknown – causes of safety-related problems. 

Over the program's six stages, Deloitte conducts workshops, facilitates employee collaboration and uncovers insights that help organisations understand and greatly improve workplace safety performance.


  • Review systems, processes and safety data
  • Conduct ‘intent workshops’ with representatives from the executive to the frontline.


  • Interview employees about workplace safety issues
  • Analyse relevant organisational data to develop new insights into cause-and-effect relationships.


  • Lead co-design workshops that empower the workforce to generate creative ideas for solving safety challenges.


  • Test ideas and undertake a feasibility analysis.


  • Design and implement a solution
  • Collect user feedback and relevant performance metrics.


  • Analyse relevant financial, operational and safety performance outcomes
  • Conduct a ‘review and learning workshop’ with representatives from all levels of the organisation
  • Develop a program for continuous improvement.

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The six stages of 45° - The Business of SafetyTM

The vast majority of Australian organisations are taking an out-dated approach to improving workplace safety performance. By doing this, they are not only endangering workers, but also impeding business growth and competitiveness for firms across the country.

Download our case study and watch the video below.

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