Conflicts of interest register


Conflict of interest register

Ensure compliance in your everyday business decisions

Deloitte’s Conflict of Interest Register is a customisable web solution to securely manage document libraries, track employee declarations, manage workflow and share learnings and internal news.

The Deloitte Conflicts of Interest Register helps to mitigate troublesome situations organisations may find themselves in by providing a source for proof of disclosure for any internal or external audit regulators. The Conflicts of Interest Register allows employee interaction on a global scale, and permits the relevant service lines to track business decisions through a user friendly workflow tool.

What does it do?

Deloitte’s Conflicts of Interest Register is for any organisation which has an obligation to comply with specific regulations in their day-to-day business critical decisions.

Who is it for?

  • Governance and compliance requirements: Record comprehensive audit trails of all user activity
  • Easy approval and workflow escalation: Track decision making through an interactive workflow allowing the hierarchy to approve, modify, reject or simply monitor the ideas and actions employees are producing
  • Time and cost savings: Increase the efficiency of the decision making process and reduce the cost of managing your organisations documents
  • Accountability for all actions: Track employee actions and produce proof of disclosure of all user activity
  • Customisable: Allows company specific branding, single sign-on capability and the ability to host on your company server.

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What benefits does it offer?