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Cyber Respond

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Cyber threats are constantly evolving, increasing in volume, intensity and complexity. Eventually, an attack will get through the defences and cause an impact.

About Cyber Respond

Not if, but when your business experiences a cyber-attack or online security breach it is critical to respond immediately. The extent of the breach will determine the level of response. Regardless, response must be thorough, effective and reinstate confidence with investors, customers and regulators and show the business is taking steps to reduce the impact and provide a solution.

Our Cyber Respond team will take immediate action to quickly establish the nature and severity of a cyber incident and identify impact and avert subsequent attacks. Once immediate impact is contained, forensic post-incident evidence gathering, analysis and reporting are fundamental elements of a coherent response.

Our Cyber Respond team is fully equipped to address all below cyber-attacks and more! Subscribe to our subscription based service, offering full 24x7, 365 days a year, cyber incident response team (CIRT) services. Or make use of our to ad-hoc, on-call cyber and forensic expertise. Either way we’ve got your business covered.

  • Advanced, targeted online attacks
  • Malicious code embedding i.e. malware
  • Unauthorised access to online databases and assets
  • Improper usage of these online assets
  • Loss or theft of online assets
  • Denial of Service
  • Attrition.

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Deloitte’s comprehensive Cyber Intelligence Centre integrates leading technology with the experience and knowledge of our cyber security analysts to provide you relevant business intelligence to help protect your organisation against cyber threats. Discover more about the Cyber Intelligence Centre.


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