Cyber Monitor


Cyber Monitor

Internal threat analysis with business context to respond

Advanced security information and event management (SIEM) solution ensures compliance and cyber-security.

About Cyber Monitor

A fundamental defence against cyber-crime is the ability to monitor the activities of systems, people and processes within your business and to quickly spot when something out of the ordinary happens.  Most cyber-attacks could be detected and countered in their early stages, if only someone was looking in the right place.

Working with your in-house security team to develop and deploy or augment an existing security solution, our team manage day-to-day handling, logging, analysis and monitoring of IT infrastructure from edge to endpoint, enabling your security team to focus on strategic, core business issues.

We analyse logs and events in real time to spot the tell-tale signs of an attack and provide alerts and response recommendations for your in-house security team.

For a complete 360 degree view, combine Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre’s Cyber Monitor with Cyber Watch solution for ongoing monitoring and pragmatic, actionable recommendations to address threats as they arise.


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Deloitte’s comprehensive Cyber Intelligence Centre integrates leading technology with the experience and knowledge of our cyber security analysts to provide you relevant business intelligence to help protect your organisation against cyber threats. Discover more about the Cyber Intelligence Centre.

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