Hosted Review services


Hosted Review service

Improve document review efficiency and effectiveness

Deloitte’s Hosted Review service is the final point of our end-to-end electronic discovery (e-Discovery) offering.

The Deloitte Discovery™ review platform allows users to review and manage hardcopy and electronic documents for litigation, investigations and other engagements that require multiple users to access large volumes of information simultaneously and in multiple locations. It can be used through the lifecycle of a matter, from discovery through to trial. Sophisticated but easy to use search tools help ensure a quick and accurate turnaround.

What does it do?

Deloitte’s Hosted Review service is for any organisation operating in the ever increasing litigious environment, where there is a greater need to reduce the risk and manage the costs through careful preparation and process improvement. 

Who is it for?

  • Quick setup: can be set up quickly with documents and images loaded soon after they are made available to us
  • Cost effective: as a fully supported, hosted solution, there is no need for capital outlay or dedicated support staff. It is easy to use, saving time and money on training. Productivity is improved as reviewers can easily search through high numbers of documents and quickly focus on those documents that are most important to the case/engagement
  • Easily accessible: being web based, any authorised user with internet access can use it. This enables users in different geographic locations to collaborate effectively on the same engagement 24/7. It supports a number of foreign languages (including mainstream Asian languages) enabling foreign language text and images to be displayed
  • Secure: to protect records and data, a three-tier security model is used: individual username and password for those with authorised access; a unique token is assigned to each user which displays an algorithmically generated number for login; and at a document level, managing the access of users or groups of users 
  • Low risk: the platform is fully managed by Deloitte. Assistance across all stages of an engagement/project is provided by experienced case managers, several of whom have extensive document management backgrounds in law firms and document management bureaus. A support desk service is also available to assist with user queries.

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What benefits does it offer?