Product Recall


Product Recall

Take full control of the product recall process in an efficient and compliant manner

Deloitte’s Product Recall tool is unique web-based software, purpose-built to enable organisations to effectively manage their product recall process.

Deloitte’s Product Recall tool allows an organisation to take full control of the product recall process in an efficient and compliant manner. A comprehensive audit trail tracks Consumer and Supplier recall requests and all interaction they have with the organisation; the interactive workflow element allows the hierarchy of the organisation to monitor decision making throughout the recall process.

What does it do?

Product Recall is for any organisation which is looking to recall a product from the market, be it a voluntary safety-related recall or a compulsory recall.

Who is it for?

  • Fast setup: The software can be tailored to your needs and setup within days, ensuring recalls can begin in a timely fashion 
  • Governance and compliance requirements: Record comprehensive audit trails of all recalls to ensure adherence with regulators’ requirements 
  • Claim approval and workflow escalation: Track claims through an interactive workflow allowing nominated individuals to approve, modify, reject or simply monitor decision making in the product recall process. 
  • Efficient and cost effective: Low cost system implementation and maintenance 
  • Accurate reporting: Accurate reporting on the entire product recall process 
  • Greater accessibility: Product recall is available across multiple platforms such as Mac, PC and tablet devices (including iPad and iPad mini) – all you need is an internet connection and a web-enabled device.

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What benefits does it offer?