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Tech Trends 2014: Inspiring Disruption

Deloitte’s annual Technology Trends report examines the ever-evolving landscape of technology put to practical business use. Once again, we’ve selected 10 trends that we believe have the opportunity to impact business over the next 18 to 24 months.


Tech Trends 2015 is coming soon - register to receive the report upon publication in March.

Global Human Capital Trends 2015: Leading in the new world of work

Today’s HR challenges require a new playbook—one that helps make HR more agile, forward thinking and bolder in its solutions.

Business Trends 2015

Deloitte’s latest Business Trends report, Business ecosystems come of age, explores how forward-looking leaders and organizations can thrive in a world of ecosystems. Businesses are moving beyond traditional industry silos and coalescing into richly networked ecosystems creating new opportunities for innovation. The report investigates some key strategic questions that come with a world of ecosystems and explores how forward-thinking firms are answering those same questions. This report is comprised of a series of articles. The nine articles can each be read stand-alone or together; collectively they provide an integrated overview of a historic transition in the world of business in the 21st century.

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Karen Green

Karen Green

Managing Partner, Northern Territory

Karen has been with the Deloitte Darwin office for over 23 years and has been a partner of the firm for over 15 years. Karen has over 29 years’ experience in Chartered Accountancy, predominantly in ta... More