Decision Science Analytics


Decision Science and Analytics

Insight driven decisioning

Decision Science and Analytics takes the assumptions out of the mind of the decision-maker and puts them explicitly into the process, along with a method to check them, and only then can ‘analytics’ help our clients manage.

Decision Science and Analytics (DSA) maximises the value of your information by turning data into actionable insights that drive real business outcomes.

The consumer and business environment is constantly changing with new distribution channels, supply chains, products and services constantly being developed .

Deloitte can help you capitalise on the opportunities presented by these changes by differentiation through analytics, data, digital and design thinking.

We know there’s no silver bullet. We understand the complexity of the choices you face. We also believe success comes from using analytics to make the right decisions and implementing them across all levels of your business.

Our team incorporates diverse thinkers from science, mathematics, marketing, finance, software development and consulting. What we offer is a potent combination of deep analytical skills and broad experience in information management, process design and business strategy, all guided by a strong design ethos.

• Our passion is the difference analytics can make to a business
• Our skill is in how we take this from concept to reality
• Our experience is demonstrated in our track record
• Our conviction is what we achieved yesterday must be improved on today. 

decision science analytics

Our opportunity is to position Deloitte as a partner in the complexity of embedded decision solutions while at the same time being a provider of analytic point solutions delivered in house and through the cloud. DSA is a Practice of mathematics, architecture, processes and anthropology specialising in:

Strategy and Transformation: analytics strategies and design across organisational functions.

Operations Assurance: process-based solutions using proven IP integrated with operational applications and processes.

Analytics Infrastructure: design and implementation of the next paradigm in analytic and information-based infrastructure. This is centred on the concepts of agility, responsiveness and consumption-based collaboration.

Markets and Consumers: the design and implementation of advanced omni-channel, dynamic segmentation and real-time marketing capabilities.

Business Econometrics: the application of advanced economic and financial modelling both as a stand-alone solution and integrated into other offerings. 

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