finance operations


Finance operations

Finance and Performance management

A solid, well run finance operations organisation is fundamental to ensuring that finance delivers its 'ticket to play' services but also to ensure it has the right time and resources to add value to the business.

Some things are fundamental to a well-run business and a solid finance operation is one of them. It’s the pump behind the flow of financial information that feeds every activity in your organisation. Getting it right means you’ll have more time to focus on making better business decisions. Getting it wrong means you’re in for a world of worry.

Deloitte is widely recognised for its strengths in finance operations – and with good reason. We have access to a rare combination of talent and experience across accounting, finance, tax and technology with a full-court view – to help organisations in their efforts to properly manage the details without losing sight of the big picture. To help business leaders get what they need and to help effectively manage risk so you can sleep better – or reduce costs so you can look better. But achieving lasting results from finance process improvement isn’t easy. It requires a true blend of innovative thinking and disciplined follow-through. That’s our strong suit and our capabilities are unparalleled.

Effective finance operations will help your organisation to:

  • Improve information quality and data integrity for more reliable, quicker and accurate financial information
  • Implement streamlined and more efficient and effective processes that are scalable and dynamic
  • Have more time for decision-support activities such as financial analysis and strategic planning
  • Build stronger business cases throughout the organisation
  • Have better visibility and support for finance function’s initiatives
  • Reduce cost and time spent on compliance activities
  • Improve risk management.
finance operations