Deloitte Analytics

Strategic procurement

At Deloitte Analytics, we understand how managing input costs efficiently is critical for a healthy bottom line.

At Deloitte Analytics, we understand that efficiently managing input costs is critical for a healthy bottom line.

Our team takes a multifaceted approach to strategic procurement, which includes:

  • Analysing supplier spend to find cost savings
  • Identifying collusion between suppliers and buyers or employees
  • Identifying ghost suppliers, duplicate suppliers, supplier overpayments, inappropriate administrator access and altered payee arrangements
  • Recovering overpayments to suppliers and the ATO, such as GST
  • Reviewing agreed terms and conditions compliance with services such as utilities (power, gas and electricity).

We also specialise in strategic procurement services such as:

  • Identifying economies of scale by consolidating purchasing
  • Optimising relationships with suppliers
  • Minimising the risks of fraud and conflicts of interest.

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