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At Deloitte we aspire to make it easy for clients to spend time on what matters most: coming up with great ideas and competing to succeed in challenging markets.

There’s never been a better time to invest in R&D: the Government is supporting innovation so Australian companies can compete and stand out in a crowded global economy.

The problem is, R&D can be expensive, and unwieldy to control.  But not with INSPIRED, the smart new platform designed by Deloitte.

At Deloitte, we believe innovation needs discipline – especially in organisations that want to push the envelope and respond quickly to opportunities.

Our experience – and the use of INSPIRED,– will facilitate and amplify innovation across your organisation.

The platform lets you upload project information, monitor progress and validate R & D work in real time, so you can make fast, informed decisions in the office, or on the go. And it’s backed by the advice and insights of our experienced R&D experts.

Deloitte can help you achieve your aspirations with a smarter approach to R&D. We’ll make it easy for you to spend time on what matters most: coming up with great ideas and competing successfully in challenging markets.

When all this works, it’s truly INSPIRED.

Features of the INSPIRED platform:

  • Project  information can be uploaded or captured, monitor progress and validate R&D work – all in real time, helping clients to make fast, informed decisions anywhere, anytime 
  • To substantiate R&D projects, photos can be taken from mobile devices or other supporting documentation can uploaded 
  • Executive dashboards provide high level overview of the status of the R&D project documentation preparation for the R&D tax incentive 
  • A query function allows clients to request assistance from their R&D team. All queries and responses are tracked within the platform 
  • Information relating to clients’ R&D tax incentive claims is now housed in one place and hosted within the secure Deloitte network in Australia 
  • Clients also have autonomy on how the system is configured for their use with multiple access levels and user rights available within the platform.
INSPIRED:See R&D further
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