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Technology advisory

Learn how our Technology advisory practice helps clients to realise the business value from Information Technology by addressing a range of IT and enterprise architecture challenges.

Designed and delivered well, Information Technology (IT) contributes to growth, profit and competitive advantage. Designed or implemented badly, it can burden and constrain an organisation.

We make a difference to our clients by combining deep industry knowledge and technology expertise to develop and implement strategies that deliver real business value from IT assets.

Our Technology advisory practice helps our clients to realise the business value from IT by addressing a range of challenges including:

  • IT strategy and alignment
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Cloud Advisory and Infrastructure
  • IT sourcing advisory
  • IT performance and cost improvement
  • Client side project management. 
technology advisory

Smarter Data Centre Outsourcing: Considerations for CFOs
Is it more cost effective to outsource data centre infrastructure than to build and manage it internally?
Deloitte report, March 2014 | 12 pages

Women in ICT: Perspectives and perceptions
Women in ICT - Perspectives and Perceptions, details how women comprise less than 20% of the Australian ICT workforce and how the industry needs to attract more women.
Deloitte report, November 2013 | 20 pages

Future technology strategy
New technology is creating new ways for banks and their staff to enjoy increased satisfaction, productivity and cost efficiencies.
Deloitte point of view, July 2013

Architecture: The missing link to improving your capacity to act
An architectural view provides insight that is powerful in developing and assessing strategies and plans, providing a realistic view of their feasibility and potential.
Deloitte point of view, June 2013 | 5 pages

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