2017 Global Impact Report

Are You Ready?

Deloitte’s 2017 Global Impact Report explores how Deloitte is preparing clients for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The report is organized around four key questions related to purpose, strategy, talent, and execution. It contains information on Deloitte’s FY2017 performance, links to Industry 4.0-related Deloitte Thought Leadership, network sustainability data and other reporting content, analyst accolades, and the below eight articles:

Voluntary value: Putting a price on societal impact helps raise awareness—and fuel success

Deloitte’s World Class vision: New initiative to prepare 50 million futures for a world of opportunity

Mapping a route to success: “SMART” strategies enable an inclusive, personalized and efficient future

Bridging the physical-to-digital divide: Alliances with iconic companies put Deloitte clients on the inside track

Say “hello” to the augmented workforce: Better connectivity and cognitive tools are altering the very nature of work

Transforming talent: New resourcing and acquisition models add to Deloitte’s agility, diversity

Physical, meet digital: From factories to physician’s offices, high tech is revolutionizing routines

The art of the possible: Transforming our capabilities so that clients can revolutionize theirs

2017 Global Impact Report: Are You Ready?
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