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Deloitte’s brand gets a makeover

by Amy Fuller, Senior Managing Director, Global Brand

An organization’s brand, like a family’s home, is perhaps its most important asset. Interestingly, the two seem to age at about the same rate.

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Thirteen years.

That’s roughly the point when most homes need some attention. Carpets are worn, colors feel tired, and the decor that’s accumulated through the years doesn’t necessarily match.

The same is true for brands. What was once fresh and edgy becomes commonplace—or worse, it seems dated, like a house with plenty of telephone jacks, but no Wi-Fi.

Thirteen years.

That’s the last time Deloitte refreshed its brand. It was 2003. Phones with cameras were a novelty. Apple introduced iTunes. Facebook didn’t exist.

Time has been kind to the Green Dot that rolled out to the world that year. Stakeholders see a green dot today and think Deloitte—and vice versa. The network and its little, round mascot have prospered together.

Our Purpose—to make an impact that matters—has given Deloitte practitioners a common anchor in talking about our organization. We will apply that same principle to Deloitte’s supporting brand elements so that we achieve consistency in the articulation of our brand across the network.

Our brand identity refresh, launched on 15 June, aims to create a single brand architecture and identity system so that regardless of where a client is geographically, or what business they interact with, or what device they use to reach member firm professionals, they have a consistent and meaningful Deloitte experience.

All the core elements that comprise Deloitte’s visual identity—color, fonts, imagery, and the applications in which they reside—have evolved. We’ve built our new identity elements to provide a consistent brand experience whether it is in print, digital, or on a mobile device—an objective that was only dreamed about in 2003, but that is critical today.

Deloitte’s new brand identity goes beyond its visual elements. It also guides the tone of all our communication, including the written and spoken word, and provides us with the ability to authentically express our personality—confident, clear, and human.

Like a home remodel, these changes will occur gradually. Most brand elements and materials for the new system will be in place by the end of August. Building signage will take a bit longer and will be handled on a case-by-case basis to avoid undue expense. It won’t happen overnight. But, the transformation has begun.

We are building on the strong foundation of our existing brand identity, and making an investment in Deloitte’s future growth and development as the leadership brand in professional services.

We don’t know what communication gadgets will dominate our lives 13 years from now—or even five years from now. What’s indispensable today can become stale quickly. What we do know, however, is that the importance of making an impact that matters will endure. Our Purpose is timeless. And our brand identity will continue to modernize, as we need it to, to ensure Deloitte always stands out among our competitors.

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