Accounting and Financial Reporting Advisory

Our Accounting Advisory teams of professionals provide value-added accounting and financial reporting advisory services. We combine quantitative skills, deep technical accounting and project management experience in a single dedicated team serving our audit and non-audit clients across a variety of industry groups.

Advisory Services for Transition to and Implementation of Turkish Financial Reporting Standards («TFRS»)

  • Preparing a detailed TFRS implementation plan and providing support throughout the transformation process,
  • Evaluating of the potential impacts of TFRS on financial statements and distributable profit,
  • Analysing of the impacts of TFRS on specific area and processes such as treasury, taxes, finance, technology and valuation,
  • Designing a TFRS chart of account,
  • Performing transition to TFRS through ERP system,
  • Providing generic and company specific TFRS trainings.

Financial Reporting Services

  • Accounting implementation advisory in complex and specific areas (derivate instruments, goodwill, valuation, etc.)
  • Supporting in adoption and implementation of new or updated accounting standards/regulations
  • Providing temporary engagement (full-time / part-time) of a professional(s) from our company in the finance or accounting department of organizations.
  • Preparing of financial statements and other financial information,
  • Providing training to update employees in various accounting standards,
  • Assessing post-merger/acquisition reporting requirements and implementing related processes necessary to fulfill these requirements,
  • Reporting advisory services to assist the Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process
  • Auditing of non-financial data (e.g., stocktaking/inventory counting, audit of information such as number of ads published in social media)
  • Assisting  our clients  to ensure that they are in compliance with  reporting  requirements of regulatory authorities such as CMB and EMRA,
  • Preparing of annual reports in compliance with Turkish Commercial Code.

Due Diligence

Industry analysis and target company identification, preliminary analysis

IPO Services

Formulating of a roadmap for IPO, and support of companies’ needs throughout the IPO process

Temporary Personnel Supply Service 

Supplying of temporary staff for finance or accounting departments of companies