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Global Development Opportunities

As part of our career development strategy, Deloitte Turkey participates in the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Global Mobility Program, which is especially designed for ambitious and talented staff to further develop their skills and abilities by transferring to a Deloitte office in another country for an extended secondment (ie. 18 months)

This program provides you with an opportunity to experience a completely different country and culture while further developing your business skills and abilities within the Deloitte environment. Since 1996 more than 100 Deloitte Turkey Professionals were assigned to work in USA, Canada and Europe Offices.

Ali Çiçekli, Partner, Audit

I joined Deloitte in January 1998. I worked in the Boston office for two years as part of the exchange program. In retrospect, I feel it was the happiest period of my life. I felt total satisfaction professionally, financially and socially during this time. Living abroad supported my development tremendously. Building a new life in a foreign culture and a city in which you feel like a total alien strengthens you in many ways. You learn to appreciate diversity. It helped me financially as well in the sense that an overseas Masters degree for example can be very costly yet going on a Deloitte assignment you continue to get paid and life continues as normal without any additional burden on you or anyone else. In terms of the value add to my career, I can say that having worked 2 years in a major city like Boston helped me to take a step ahead. I came back to Turkey as a professional who proved his knowledge and skills and who is accepted with much more ease. If I was offered to do it again for another 2 years, I would happily accept it in a blink with no hesitation.

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