Life at Deloitte

Balkız Ünal, Director, Audit

In time, I came to acknowledge the significance of these first steps into the professional life and how important they actually were.

Right after my graduation in 2001 from Koç University Business Administration, I joined Deloitte İstanbul Audit Department. In the first ever training I attended that September, I recall comparing Deloitte to my alma mater and finding many similarities. In time, I came to acknowledge the significance of these first steps into the professional life and how important they actually were.

The opportunity to work with leading names from various industries, new and old alike, getting to know their operations, their financial statements, their processes through the independent audits we carried out allowed me to enjoy my job more and more. I continued to develop myself through the relations within the team and by help of the emphasis on forming and sharpening technical and managerial skills within the company.  There were lots of opportunities. I am of the opinion that a busy schedule is part of the learning process, you start seeing the benefits soon enough. In my third year, I wanted to make use of these gains in a different setting and worked as a financial controller in Yaşar Holding for 1.5 years after which I chose to come back to Deloitte in 2005 in view of the dynamism, chance to gain experience in various sectors and a fast development track audit offered.  I believe my audit background helped me to a great extend during my time at Yaşar Holding in putting the managerial and technical skills to good use.

As part of the “Global Mobility Program” Deloitte offers to all its employees on a global scale, I transferred to the Boston office in September 2006 for 1.5 years. I got to know the world and myself in many different ways during this period. It gave me a chance to enhance my vision and repatriate to Turkey with great memories in addition to the technical and managerial skills that would lead the way for my career ahead. I was posted back in İstanbul as Audit Manager. It takes time and effort for one to get to know and discover herself.  I enjoyed this learning process during my time in the Boston office. In my first year back in İstanbul, I took part in planning and organization of technical trainings in addition to the Audit Manager role. The following year, I took on the Coordinator role for Human Resources and Training in Audit, a direct reflection of the emphasis on innovation, opportunity and continuous development at Deloitte. I currently continue to hold both positions.

So at some point in your life, when you look back at what you have done that far and are content with the steps and the roads you took, the experiences you gained, and feel empowered to make goals for the future, keep hoping and keep walking; it means that it most definitely was the right journey…

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