Life at Deloitte

Öykü Gündüz , Senior Manager, Tax

Deloitte was different from all the other places I saw during my university internships.

When I graduated from university in 2000, it wasn’t a good year for the markets in Turkey. Employment opportunities were limited; there were at best 1-2 new recruitments annually. So I thought it was best if I continued my studies at graduate level to specialize in an area that could guide my professional aspirations. Finance and financial institutions were popular back then as well. I received my graduate degree in International Finance in London and joined Deloitte family in 2003.

Deloitte was different from all the other companies I saw during my job placements. I was the one who just joined as a junior however all the staff seemed to still have a learning spirit. They were young and dynamic, they thought and debated about things. They had their books in their hands, to read and underline. It was very clear that they were trying to come up with something, as time passed, I got to see that this company was a school that gave you the chance for lifelong learning, and that every new experience crafted you into being a professional student.

Deloitte Tax was the place where I learned about tax, how reasoning and the value you add to your customers make you special in your professional life and how these mind games keep you one step ahead both socially and professionally.  Deloitte lives up to its reputation as the “most professional “ services company internationally in this highly competitive world; it instills confidence, and differentiates itself from competitors with its quality services. The professional satisfaction together with the confidence and technical abilities it offers allow you to take your steps surely and securely. Every new year brings new experiences, changes and improves your vision as an employee, and what you can add to your customers’ value. In my junior years, I was a tax auditor for the finance industry, now I am a tax advisor for private and overseas customers, undertaking projects with Deloitte offices abroad. And I still continue to meet a new person everyday and learn something new.

Deloitte’s unlimited information flow has been a great contributor to my professional and personal development into being a professional tax advisor efficiently serving my customers. Our new friends to join us will also benefit from this information flow, evolving into young professionals themselves, and enjoy work satisfaction. We are looking forward to meet our new colleagues.

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