Life at Deloitte

Özgür Karabulut, Director, Consultancy

…I always felt I had to compete with myself only – it is a really friendly environment.

After completing my undergraduate and graduate studies in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration respectively, I joined Deloitte to gain experience in a variety of sectors and range of topics in a dynamic environment. By way of projects undertaken in Branding, Marketing Management and Supply Chain, I had the chance to put my knowledge through to practice during my career at Deloitte.

This was a journey that we set on in an effort to serve our customers in an excellent way, through analysis, simulation, optimization, assessment and improvement of company strategies; which was then implemented into the processes, organizations and systems. They were all quite challenging but at the same time very enjoyable assignments.

Deloitte supports your personal development in every way that it can to ensure that you have the means to step onto the next phase, through regular trainings and assignments in various projects. In all the projects that we carried out with colleagues in the US, UK, The Netherlands, and Africa; I always felt that I was competing with myself only, and it was all a very friendly environment. You don’t have to be at a certain age or have so many years of work experience to progress in your Deloitte career. Your progress is purely a function of your competencies and performance...

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