Life at Deloitte

Özlem Ulaş, Director, Corporate Finance

…it lets your social skills, analytical abilities and strategic thinking stand out.

Upon graduation from İTU Management Engineering, I wanted to go for a job that would help me differentiate myself from the rest of all the well-educated and ambitious young people. I didn’t want to get lost in a place where life got into a rut with no learning opportunities. I decided to get into audit, which offered a fast track learning curve and advanced development opportunities. It was after two years in audit and when I joined the investment arm of a banking institution that I had the chance to actually realize how much I learned and gained from those two years in audit.

I had a very robust foundation and built my career on strong pillars. I was accepted to the Executive MBA program of Boğaziçi University. During the program, I made the decision that I would continue my professional life in corporate finance. Corporate finance takes you beyond the numbers, it lets you see the big picture.  It allows for your social skills, analytical abilities and strategic thinking stand out. It requires you to be multi faceted, and be equally strong in all aspects. You have to shine with a different attribute in different projects, it is a field that is not dull, it is open to creativity and fosters your continued development. When all this combines with the strong corporate identity, dynamic and innovative nature of Deloitte, it sets the stage for a whole that make both the customers and the staff happy.

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