Health & Wellness Progress Report


Health & Wellness Progress Report 2016

Empowering consumers to make healthy choices

Results of the most recent survey of Consumer Goods Forum member companies on the implementation of the resolutions and commitments supporting healthier consumers, employees, and communities around the world.

The Health & Wellness Progress Report is a collaboration between the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and Deloitte Global. The report provides up-to-date information about the progress being made by CGF member companies in the implementation of the health & wellness resolutions and commitments.

The goal is to provide a platform for industry collaboration -- a means of harnessing the collective power of CGF members to help them provide solutions for healthier consumers, employees, and communities around the world. Companies, from manufacturers to retailers, are in a position to make a difference.

Given the global, multi-faceted nature of the problem, the CGF approach is aligned with two of the world’s most significant non-industry bodies: the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO). The CGF Health & Wellness Pillar supports the WHO Action plan, while the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide an overall framework for action. Two UN goals in particular -- improving nutrition and ensuring healthy lives and well-being -- are especially aligned with the CGF Health & Wellness Pillar. This report shows
CGF efforts to bring these goals into a business context, developing solutions and tools to help companies implement actions that positively affect consumer health and wellness.

This infographic summarizes some of the achievement of the CGF member firms as they implement the Health & Wellness initiative. Among the key results:

  • 95% of CGF member firms have established policies and activated programs on at least one of the Health & Wellness Resolutions
  • Half of CGF member firms have already followed through on their commitment to publicly communicate their nutrition and formulation policies
  • CGF member firm programs have reached and impacted 1.8 billion people to date

Among expectations for the near future are increased collaboration among stakeholders, with an emphasis on inclusiveness.

2015 full report

Produced by Deloitte for The Consumer Goods Forum, the Health & Wellness Progress Report 2015 is a follow-up to the 2014 CGF Health & Wellness Survey, and summarizes the challenges of this topic as well as the actions being taken by the industry.

In spite of great strides made in human longevity, we are confronting what the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies as “one of the major challenges for development in the 21st century”: the rise in non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

According to the latest WHO estimates, 16 million people are dying prematurely from heart and lung diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Moreover, the issues of obesity, diabetes, aging populations, stress, and mental health are part of a broader spectrum of concerns that include the long-recognized challenges of under-nutrition, micro-nutrient deficiencies, and hygiene. The effort to address this situation on a global scale becomes more critical every day.

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