Consumer Product Companies

Fluctuations in global economy and changes in consumer behaviors affect the growth and profitability of consumer products companies. We provide tailored solutions to our customers in solving complex strategic and operational problems to leverage market opportunities and create competitive advantage.


Regulatory Trends in the consumer goods industry

The most effective regulatory frameworks typically recognize the need to clearly understand who benefits and who feels the pinch from the regulation. The ability to quantify these costs and benefits is often an essential step in evaluating the net impact of the policy.


The path to 2020

What markets could be of short-, medium-, and long-term interest for retailers?


Customer Experience Management

Deloitte provides services by utilizing globally developed and accepted methodologies for improving customer experience and crafting sound customer experience strategy.


Operating Model Transformation

Deloitte focuses on helping clients transform the efficiency and effectiveness of their large-scale operational processes to continually improve the core operation of their service organization.


Financial Management Services

Our integrated approach to CFO services brings together ‘strategy – process – regulation – human capital – technology’ dimensions and is unique because of its profundity and range.


Technology Integration

Deloitte’s technology integration services provide comprehensive solutions that help to better manage crucial and sensitive businesses that cover a client’s technological organization and asset portfolio. Learn more about our services.


M&A Transaction Services

Our team provides the whole range of financial advisory and investment banking services, to both buyers and sellers, throughout the transaction process.


Deloitte Analytics



Integrated M&A Services



Tax Services

As Deloitte Turkey Tax Function, our aim is to create effective strategies for our clients and provide them with value added services by combining appropriate and applicable solutions by using our local extensive knowledge and global experience on Tax and Financial Legislation.


Audit Services

Our audit services make a difference thanks to our risk-based audit approach, and our cooperative, easy-to-consult with, easily accessible team that understands the needs of our clients.


Supply Chain Management

No matter how innovative or well-conceived your business strategy, if your operations can’t meet the mark, that strategy can never become reality. Learn about Deloitte's Supply Chain services.


Customer and Market Strategy

Our services include: Brand Strategy and Positioning, Customer Strategy and Segmentation, International Expansion Strategy, Market and Channel Strategy, Distributor Management and Dealer Performance Development and  Maximizing Sales Force Effectiveness.

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