Global powers of retailing 2018

Transformative change, reinvigorated commerce

The rules of retailing are being rewritten in this time of transformative change. Innovation, collaboration, consolidation, integration, and automation will likely be required to reinvigorate commerce, profoundly impacting the way retailers do business now, and in the future. How can retailers reinvigorate commerce to enhance their business performance?

The report focuses on the theme of ‘transformative change, reinvigorated commerce’ and looks at the retail trends and the future of retailing from the lens of young consumers. Like all its previous editions, this report also identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for FY2016 (fiscal years ended through June 2017), and evaluates their performance across geographies and product sectors. As we mark our 21st edition, we also provide a retrospective view of how the Top 250 has changed over the last 15 years

Global powers of retailing 2018
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