Deloitte Analytics

Maximize the value of your data from the inside out

Globalized competition, data overload, and more stringent risk and compliance requirements have put most businesses to the test. Many are turning to analytics to gain insight and enhance performance. Weaving analytics into the organizational fabric can position your business for strategic, competitive, and cost advantages—an edge you need to thrive under pressure.

With analytics – the practice of using data to drive business strategy and performance – you can more confidently make fact-based decisions. That’s because analytics is the most powerful discipline for deciphering where you’ve been, understanding where you’re headed, and uncovering what you can do to shape the future of your business.

Deloitte Analytics’ comprehensive approach to analytics is fueled by our deep industry knowledge, broad functional experience, and mastery of technology. We collaborate with you to help you understand which questions matter most to your business, and we help you answer them. 

To get you started, we offer a broad range of services in four key areas:

The analytics advantage

Analytics capabilities range from the basics, such as data management and business intelligence, to more sophisticated capabilities, such as performance management, predictive modeling, asset intelligence, automation and more. With these capabilities in place, companies will be better positioned to:

  • Engage the full spectrum of people, processes, technology, and governance in the pursuit of more effective performance management
  • Gain insight into what’s happening today and foresight into what might happen in the future
  • Have access to more accurate, timely information to shift from reactive to proactive decision-making
  • Automate low-risk processes to reduce information latency and gain valuable time to focus on more complex risk scenarios and high-stakes decisions
  • Apply change management tied to embedded capabilities and outcomes
  • Create a culture that thrives on fact-based decisions
  • Gain the agility to meet ever-changing regulatory, market, and economic conditions, and gain a competitive edge