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Role of blockchain in the energy and resources industry

The blockchain revolution has gone beyond the financial services industry and is evolving as the next game changer for many businesses across many sectors. Is blockchain ready for prime time in the energy and resources industry? Is it a hype—or a genuine agent of change? Deloitte brings you insights into how blockchain could impact the energy and resources industry.

Is blockchain’s future in oil and gas transformative or transient?

The time seems right for blockchain, but will it be the next big industry breakthrough? To date, technology has had little impact on the oil and gas industry. But given the data-intensive opportunities available through the growth and expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain could be an important vessel to carry the industry’s data transformation forward.

Blockchain: Overview of the potential applications for the oil and gas market and the related taxation implications

The potential uses for blockchain are growing, some of which could have significant implications for the oil and gas industry. This article offers a high-level summary of how blockchain works, its advantages over traditional systems, some of its potential applications, and how these can be applied to the oil and gas market, with a particular focus on taxation and compliance.

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