Women in the Energy Industry

Making energy Industry an attractive one for women to work and supporting women for their career

After the studies on automotive, finance and energy sectors, the study examining the women’s place in technology industry is published. According to the research conjointly conducted with TÜBİSAD (Turkish İnformatics İndustry Association), the rate of women who are happy working in technology industry is a remarkable 85%. While every other women in the industry is targeting to be a C-level/manager, 8 out of 10 believe that there is an open path to do so. Those who will encourage their daughter to take part in the industry account for the 92% of the whole participants. Research also reflects the opinions of women via critical questions.

Deloitte’s third report focusing on the problems and demands of the White collar women working for a specific industry is published. According to the study most of the women are happy to be in the industry but they would like to see more women leaders. Additionally every other participant believes that gender causes a significant disadvantage for their careers. According to the study, there are still a long road ahead many steps to be taken to draw women’s attention to energy industry.

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