The Industry 4.0 paradox: Overcoming disconnects on the path to digital transformation

Preparing for digital transformation? Deloitte’s latest survey reveals five key states of play.

As organizations embark on a digital transformation journey, they should consider multiple questions to help narrow their choices: what to transform; where to invest; and which technologies can be a best-fit for their strategic needs. Industry 4.0 expands the digital transformation opportunities and drives more flexible, responsive, and interconnected enterprises capable of making further informed decisions.

To understand how companies are investing in Industry 4.0, Deloitte conducted a global survey that focused on manufacturing, power, oil & gas, and mining companies. It examined how and where they are investing—or planning to invest; the key challenges they face in making such investments; and how they are forming their technical and organizational strategy around digital transformation.

The survey revealed that while the will for digital transformation remains strong, organizations are still finding a path that balances improving current operations with the opportunities afforded by Industry 4.0 technologies for innovation and business model transformation.

Explore the five key paradoxes that Deloitte's study discloses:

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