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Tracking the Trends 2018

The 2018 edition of Tracking the trends will mark its tenth year of release. In this tenth anniversary report, Deloitte examines the top 10 issues that should be on mining companies’ agenda in 2018. Once again, our global mining leaders share their experiences to identify some leading strategies in focus for miners to succeed in 2018.

Will change continue to be the only constant for miners in 2018? Will miners overcome their innovation barriers? Explore our annual flagship mining report to learn what’s in-store for miners this year.

2018 mining trends:

  • Bringing digital to life—Using data-driven insights to drive value
  • Overcoming innovation barriers—Charting a path towards innovation maturity
  • The future of work—Re-envisioning talent management in the digital age
  • The image of mining—Changing public, employee, and customer perceptions
  • Transforming stakeholder relationships—The growing need to achieve measurable social outcomes
  • Water management—Finding sustainable solutions to a pressing issue
  • Changing shareholder expectations—Investors demand greater accountability
  • Reserve replacement woes—Finding a balance between caution and courage
  • Realigning mining boards—New skillsets are needed to help drive transformation
  • Commodities of the future—Predicting tomorrow’s disruptors
Tracking the Trends 2018
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