80 Billion kWh of electricity production is forecasted to be generated from the Akkuyu and  Sinop nuclear power plants. They are expected to come into operation in the medium  term to meet increasing energy demands and to provide energy supply security as well  as to enhance resource diversity.

We here at Deloitte Turkey have considerable international experience in all the sub-segments related to the implementation of nuclear power plants, as well as in every segment of the electricity energy sector both in Turkey and globally. We provide various services to major nuclear energy companies as well as to governments in America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

At every stage of a nuclear program, we provide services to our clients with our experts who are well versed in all areas of program management from laws and regulations, feasibility and financing, process and organization, determining nuclear program strategy, technology and integration, work-site design, construction and installation management, test and commissioning, and cut-out.