debt financial services


Debt Advisory and Restructuring Services

Corporate Finance

By virtue of Deloitte’s global organization, we can provide easy access to financial markets with the support of local/international banks and other financial institutions through our unique global networking. As an advisor completely independent from providers of finance, our objectives are fully aligned with those of our clients; we provide advisory services based on client expectations and offer integrated solutions on business advisory, taxation and risk management.

Debt Advisory

We provide seamless, independent, innovative and high-quality debt advisory services to our clients.

We provide services on Project Financing, Acquisition Financing, Asset Based Financing, Syndicated Borrowings, Islamic Finance, Working Capital Loans, Non-Cash Loans, Mezzanine, Leasing, Refinancing, Restructuring, Credit Rating and  Hedging.

Our services include financial modelling, financial analysis, financial strategy development, financial resources assessment, creditors’ relationship management, financing alternatives assessment and selection, restructuring and renegotiating debt, refinancing, credit rating management and interest rate hedging.

Restructuring Services

Our restructuring services focus on strategic assessment, finance restructuring, working capital improvement, taxation risk and opportunity analysis, cost reduction, capital expenditures and mergers & acquisitions.

As Deloitte professionals, we specifically focus on each service area to improve our service quality based on client needs. We provide our guidance and expert services to clients that are in need of restructuring in turbulent times or for renewed expansion.