Financial Due Diligence Services

Corporate Finance

We have conducted more than five hundred financial due diligence engagements since the start of the M&A boom in Turkey in 2004. Our services can be grouped under two headings: acquisition due diligence and vendor due diligence.

Financial due diligence for acquirers

These services benefit investors considering the acquisition of a shareholding in a Turkish company; and can also provide lending banks with the information they need to support a decision to lend for the acquisition.

In acquisition due diligence, our highly experienced teams conduct a detailed investigation of information at the target company to identify issues which can affect the deal.

While focussing also on the opportunities and the strengths shown by the target company, our aim is to identify risks and to place the acquirer in a stronger position during negotiations over price and SPA terms.

When performing the financial due diligence, our teams work very closely in cooperation with our industry specialists, tax, legal and M&A groups to provide an integrated service. Commercial due diligence from our consulting colleagues is also often integrated.  We also frequently make use of our global strength, using specialists from our offices around the world, especially on international transactions.

Financial due diligence for vendors

Our vendor due diligence services benefit the owners of companies considering a sale, particularly in cases where more than one investor is expected to show interest.

By engaging us for vendor due diligence, the selling shareholders become aware of any financial issues that will be seen as problems by investors, and can take timely action to eliminate or mitigate such issues.

During the sale process, all the potential bidders will have access to the same full and objective information contained in our vendor due diligence reports, enabling them to thoroughly understand the financial aspects of the target business and to submit bids which are of high quality and are fully comparable.