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Forensic and Dispute Services

Corporate Finance

We provide our forensic services from one of the largest forensic expert teams having more than 1400 professionals in more than 30 countries. Our forensic services are highly tailored for companies that are in need of detailed investigation or dispute resolution.

Deloitte’s forensic professionals are a diverse group with a wide and varied range of proficiencies, comprising forensic accountants, legal and law enforcement specialists and business intelligence experts, all utilizing state-of-the-art forensic technology to ensure that data is handled with optimal efficiency.

Deloitte’s Fraud Risk Management team identify internal and external system and process deficiencies by performing security gap analysis and provide guidance on minimizing financial crime risk. We aim to establish anti-corruption policies, procedures and controls and we also organize trainings and workshops on anti- corruption.

We are engaged as experts in both litigation and arbitration. This area of our work is not just for forensic cases: it often involves loss-of-profit claims or similar financial issues arising from commercial disputes. As a party appointed expert or a Court / Tribunal appointed expert, our experienced professionals give their expert opinions in the litigation process.

Our offerings typically include:

• Expert witness services
• Accounting disputes and disagreements
• All kinds of fraud and abuses
• Intellectual property disputes
• International and national commercial  disputes and violation