Banking Outlook 2017

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The 2017 Banking trend report contains a collection of quantitative analyses and current trends impacting the industry. The report addresses 5 distinct topics: Consumer Banking, Trading and M&A, Commercial and Transaction Services, Payments and Market Infrastructure.

Over the past months, political changes on international level - such as the US elections and UK’s Brexit - have shown to be of benefit to several financial markets. However, structural changes in technology and regulations complemented by increasing customer demands, are likely to have a lasting impact on the operating models of banks. New parties seek a position in the value chain; not only in distribution but also in terms of product domains and on operational level. At the same time, demand for quality, efficiency and scale increases. This requires banks to clarify their position in the market and collaborate with technology savvy parties, in order to offer customers even more relevance, convenience, safety and availability. And all of this against a lower price. How do banks cope with this, and how will they stay profitable on the long haul?

Banking Outlook 2017
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