Banking Industry Outlook: Banking reimagined

How disruptive forces will radically transform the industry in the decade ahead

Many areas within banking and capital markets are experiencing serious existential threats. As the industry is being transformed, there is uncertainty around what the future of the banking industry will look like over the next decade. Are you ready to re-imagine the future of banking and capital markets?

Banking reimagined

The banking industry is going to look a lot different in 10 years time. Many traditional players now face the choice of either being disintermediated or proactively disrupting their own business models to thrive in the future. Beyond the rhetoric surrounding the topic of disruption in banking, some very fundamental questions face the industry today:

·         How will past innovations (such as marketplace lending or blockchain), and the breakthroughs likely to come in the future, transform banking?

·         What will the industry’s competitive structure look like over the next decade—will the incumbents be stronger/larger, or weaker/smaller?

·         What can banks do now to prepare for these future scenarios?

In this special report, we examine how various disruptive trends we are seeing today in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain technology, collaborative ecosystems, cryptocurrencies, demographics, and customer experience are coming together to influence the future of banking.

Banking Industry Outlook: Banking reimagined
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