Data is the new gold 

The future of real estate service providers

Digital innovation is reshaping the way most industries and businesses are functioning today. Robotics, augmented/virtual reality sensor technology, internet of things, building information modeling systems, and other disruptive technologies are poised to transform the real estate industry.

By 2030, data collection and analysis will become the basis of all future service offerings and business models. The volume of data generated in the real estate industry is attracting international technology companies and other new market participants.

How can real estate service providers tackle this and stay ahead of the curve?

In this report from Deloitte Global we look at drivers and trends that will impact the future of real estate services, and recommend steps that providers can take to remain successful.

Real estate service providers can lead the way by working with clients to develop and implement effective strategies around embracing technology, digitalizing buildings and infrastructure, and analyzing user behavior to meet the demands of the future.

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